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Book 2 in the Emm Zinko Ms. Adventures
Published: September 2013

A car accident that should have been fatal leaves San Diego reporter Emm Zinko thinking she’s acquired a new superpower – and she puts it to use when she finds a badly injured U.S. Border Patrol agent during a sunset hike along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Emm’s frequent visits to the area and familiarity with the federal agents that patrol it becomes a problem as the multi-agency investigation takes a hard turn in her direction.

Meanwhile, one of the Border Patrol agents involved in the rescue discovers that someone is tossing narcotics over the fence in a controlled zone – which means someone on the inside, someone he counts on, must be picking them up.

As Emm chases the stories of an unlikely suicide and two even more unlikely murders in a job that grows more intolerable with each passing day, Border Patrol Agent Ray Villareal pokes around to find out who’s betrayed the tightly knit team.

From the beaches of the Silver Strand to the auto recyclers in a hidden valley; from downtown press conferences to the hills along the border, to the funky old neighborhood where Emm and her interesting neighbors live, San Diego’s oddities and charms are part of the story.

The people in Emm’s life, including an ex-boyfriend who remains attached to her dog, a 12-stepping neighbor whose friends may not be in the program, fellow reporters and a whole stir of cops, feds and politicians, bring their own voices to the story.

Every step and every misstep reinforces Emm Zinko’s persistent belief that things can always get weirder.